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Each one of us is a unique being with our own language of interpretation. Please accept only what resonates as a guideline within your own belief system.
Thoughts for consideration.

If you are attending any spiritual readings,workshops or demonstrations of mediumship the following information and analogies may be helpful. The thoughts, feelings and intentions of the participants and audience are part of what creates the energy to make a spiritual connection possible. The more that each person is willing to enter a state of reverence and joy for the opportunity to blend on a Spiritual level with the 'energy' - personality, thoughts or feelings for example - of their friends and loved ones past, present or future the more the opportunity is created for a stronger link or connection with the minds of the Spirit. The more team spirit the greater individual achievement is possible. In a sense with or without a body we are all spirit beings here and now and as such have the possibility for a Spiritual mode of communication - one higher state of consciousness to another. Our minds are fascinating instruments for communication and not necessarily simply the physical brain. 

Sensitives and Mediums are influenced by subtle vibrational energy that can be very subjective they do not necessarily experience objectively. Certain aspects of information may require alternative interpretation or clarification. Each of the people present is sending, receiving and processing vibrational information that in a way can disharmonise, create 'static' or 'interference' or harmonise, enhancing the opportunity for a successful and interactive experience. It is important to take into consideration that if you are initiating an intention of harmony it appears to enable a harmonious resonance in your energy field and if you are initiating disharmony it appears to enable a resonance of disharmony. What we give is what we receive - perhaps intensified. Spiritual science appears to have relativity to physical science and quantum physics.

One method of blending with the mind of a person present or passed is called clair-sentience where the personality, thoughts or physical attributes or sensations of the person are sensed sometimes even momentarily experienced as physical sensations. When one experiences the sensations of a person who is still alive it appears that they seem to have 'rubbed off' on one but when it is a person who has passed, the sense of their presence appears to support the evidence that although a person may no longer appear in the physical that their subtle or invisible energies and mind still exist and the more they are accepted the stronger the tangibility of the contact becomes. 

A basic interpretation of objective clairvoyance is to see externally as you view the world around you on a daily basis. 
Subjective cairvoyance to see in your minds eye.
Objective clairaudience to hear externally as you do ordinarily and subjective clairaudience to hear as your own thoughts or perhaps a voice without sound.
Clairknowing is a way to view through your sensory system so rapidly that it is not necessary to be able to perceive through the physical eyes, ears or feelings unless wishing to. Sometimes you may know something and not know why you know and yet intuitively you have processed information instantaneously and do not need to slow it down or analyse it in that instant which may in some instances even serve to save your life or that of another. 
View the way that a martial artist is able to physically respond to a sense of what appears is going to happen next.

Spontaneous communication from one being to another by means of what can appear to be a natural telephonic, or other, ability can engender a wonderful sense of well-being. Many of us experience senses that we perceive as wishful thinking and yet when we open to the possibility that perhaps aswell as our humaness there is a spiritual and energetic quality to our existence we can begin to experience a fuller sense of self and embrace the richness it brings to our lives.

If you are attending a demonstration please understand that although you may be shy to speak up it is really helpful to raise your hand if you think you may recognise the information. Some persons also consider that the strength of the sound of your voice can help to strengthen the communication. You may receive a communication from a person you never met or barely knew. It is helpful to encourage the communication by relaxing and giving clear Yes, No or I do not know responses and perhaps basic clarification or confirmation but at the same time not to give too much detail. In the demonstrations that include drawings - sometimes there may be a photographic likeness and at other times more an expression of the colour and personality of the individual with perhaps symbolic information about their lives. This will depend on the artist or/and perhaps the nature of the communicator.

Every energetic circumstance is as unique as every individual person is unique. It is often necessary to have a personal experience to reach an understanding but perhaps it is also necessary to be open to the subtle experience aswell as the conscious experience. When we see, hear or sense - what percentage is processed consciously? One aspect of the jouney to experience Clair-Sentience, Clair-Audience, Clair-Voyance, Clair-Knowing is the route to clear sensing, hearing/thinking, seeing and knowing. Following that gut feeling - Trusting our intuition - Listening to that voice without sound - knowing that sometimes it is not ourselves we are feeling but the emotions or thoughts of another - knowing that we are not in our 'right' mind in other words that perhaps we have lost the balance of our intuition to our rationale. Being in tune with another person or on the same wave-length. Many of us use spiritual or intuitive language in our daily lives in recognition of our natural subtle perceptions. We do not necessarily consciously acknowledge the existence of these spontaneous abilities as when assesed in a test environment the circumstances are usually anything but natural and the results perhaps less enlightening or effective than in a spontaneous situation.

These thoughts are not given as an explanation but rather as keys to stimulate the individual to make their own investigation. To understand that we perhaps only experience a minute aspect of our world and ourselves and perhaps in turn that may be the cause of such despair and disatisfaction. Positive, negative and neutral does not necessarily mean good, bad and indifferent.

If you join in a workshop or demonstration your presence is greatly appreciated.

DEMONSTRATIONS - Important Notice
Please note when paying to attend a demonstration of Mediumship or Psychic Art it is important to recognise and accept You have paid to witness a Demonstration of Mediumship or Psychic Art.

This demonstration is a form of experiment. No claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed You are not guaranteed a personal message.

You may see or hear things which you may not have experienced before. If any of you feel you may be vulnerable you should leave immediately and your entrance fee will be refunded.

Thank you for your consideration.


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