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Profiles of Janette & Guide to Drawings

 Brief Profile

Janette has been spiritually and energetically aware since birth and views it, in principle, as a natural experience. Her business acumen affords her a strong, logical foundation. She is a highly versatile individual who enjoys teaching all aspects of mediumship, including the healing arts, in the UK and overseas.

Regarding herself as a technician she loves to focus to the mechanics of mediumship and ways in which to enhance and fine tune abilities. Her approach to teaching includes an avid interest in historical, scientific and creative influences, with respect for both traditional and innovative methods.

Her passion for spiritual psychology and philosophy allow her to present a comprehensive overview of the energetic relationship between every day responses and mediumistic skills. This conscious awareness facilitates a deeper understanding of energy management and how links are structured and maintained.

Janette also offers a limited number of private sessions during the year to individuals requiring readings, one to one coaching in altered states, platform mediumship, plus a wide range of other skills including sound techniques and spiritual art.

Extended Profile

Janette is a rather shy yet friendly individual who has been spiritually and energetically aware since birth. She was born in London and spent most of her childhood travelling between England and Europe.

She experiences herself as a paradoxical multi-faceted being who accepts, embraces and enjoys the many aspects of her flexible and versatile personality.

She has a gentle naive sense of humour and expresses simple philosophy that she endeavours to incorporate in her daily life. She is also dynamic, determined and committed to sharing the 'fruits' of her journey so far with her students in her workshops at home and abroad.

She is a pioneer, an inventor and an adventurer exploring life to the full whilst recognising herself as infinite in her potential expression.

She has travelled alone through the remoteness of the West coast of Iceland, she has spent the night in a pyramid in Egypt, participated in the peace pipe ceremony at a Native American Sundance and arrived at an airport asking for a flight on the next plane leaving to any destination.

She appreciates the beauty of aloneness and yet is also dedicated to teamwork and friendship.

Her vast range of experience, abilities and interests allow her to work with a wide spectrum of clients from virtually all walks of life.  She encourages and inspires others reflecting aspects of their own potential being.  Objective feedback is given on techniques and skills employed in career, personal or spiritual development.  

She has been responsible for a business employing over 100 full-time and part-time personnel.  Important attributes include the ablity to take initiative and to maintain a clear focus in demanding situations.   

Her natural talents include artisitic expression and communication, healing, language, mathematics, orchestration, movement and musicality, philosophy, photography, martial arts, energetic rehabilitation, business structure, extra sensory perception, sport  and an aptitude for spiritual science.

Her affinity with the shamanic elements, nature and crystals allows her to work with fine vibrations of energy interpreting colours and sounds existing outside of the general range accessible to physical human perception.

Janette is a Tutor of the Arthur Findlay College at Stanstead Hall, near Stanstead Airport in England and is also involved in lectures, retreats, tutorials and workshops in the UK and abroad. She also has availability for individual sessions, absent, in person, correspondent or by telephone, although it is usual to book some time in advance.

She represents herself as an artist and interpreter and stresses the importance of the individual to accept only those interpretations that appear appropriate and comprehensible to them. Each individual is unique and it is necessary for them to be as discerning with the information they accept as they would be with their personal taste and views in any other area of life.

Please note that metaphysics is a vast subject matter. It is often of a subjective nature and open to a myriad of interpretations. To assist a simpler understanding Janette will often speak in analogies or offer symbolic reflection. When reading her written work, hearing her speak, and in readings, teachings, demonstrations or when exploring this website - rather than viewing all her comments as literal please accept her information as a guideline and relative to a sincere interpretation of her own understanding at this time.

She provides people with keys to open doors within their own understanding with the intention that they may continue their own exploration and quest for their own understanding of truth.


Guide to interpretation of drawings

Due to the expansive nature of art and metaphysics -
Please accept this information as a guideline based on certain elements of personal interpretation at this time.

Janette painted and sculpted as a small child and her drawings still incorporate those childlike qualities demonstrating the free expression of the colour and beauty she perceives in each individual inspiration.

Retaining copyright to all her work allows her to selectively reproduce some of the drawings or paintings within her product ranges designed specifically to bring beauty or inspiration to those who would seek it in their daily lives.

Janette works in acrylics, ink, oil, pastels, pencil, wax and other creative mediums. As a commercial artist her creations are available from her collections or alternatively may be created at a clients request and inspired by an ever-expanding range of influences.

The energy of a particular event, person or group of people, business, pet or place can be depicted and may be the subject of inspiration.

They are part of a collection of visually energetic representations created to engender a sense of loving appreciation in all those they touch.

An interpretaion of impressions received suggest that persons, not present, are able to reflect an energetic embrace to persons encountered. Vibrations of strength, courage or love appear to resonate and create a subtle ripple effect.

When Janette prepares to demonstrate she presents a key communicator with information to support the identity of that person. The drawing given may reflect a physical likeness of the communicator or another person known to the recipient.

The drawing can be a 'composite' in nature depicting a vibrational or visual blend of the many faces of key people and collective energies communicated at that time.

The face may be familiar, the expression and the feelings that are promoted when experiencing the drawings may all contribute to a sense of recognition and comfort.

During the process of attunement layer upon layer of subtle energies may be aligned to or engaged with to create a visual and vibrational multi-aspected key.

There are persons who choose to frame and display their drawing in their homes or other environment. Clients enjoy noticing different elements of the drawings over a period of time.

Attuning to wavebands and frequencies, associated with persons past, present and future, appears to transcend the boundaries created by physical separation.

It can perhaps be likened to the natural affinity between a parent and child where there is an intuitive communication and 'knowing' that alerts a prompt response.

Intuitive Interaction
Any interpretation of the drawings is relative to a persons individual belief system.

The drawings can also be viewed as interactive energetic tools of self-awareness. Should a person choose to gaze at the drawing there may be an energetic interaction promoting self-appreciation. This is a very gentle process and may not be registered on a conscious level. There are those who may be aware of experiencing a warm or pleasant feeling or a subtle coolness or warmth around them or within them.

The art is multi-dimensional and a matrix that reflects many levels and layers of energetic and spiritual influence.

Someone or something familiar may be recognisable in a face, or an expression or an eye, a nose or a mouth. Both eyes may be different or when covering one side or part of the face it may suggest the presence of two or more faces.

The influences may appear to change, the colours deepening or lightening, the facial expressions may appear to grow younger or older or the picture may appear to smile or even to wink. As with all art and music the energy of the drawings may move the individuals as they respond to their own intuitive motivation or guidance.

Certain individuals will experience the sensation of 'journeying' whilst others simply blend with the musicality of the colour and tones sensing the energy and harmony of themselves and the creation

Drawings may be presented in natural tones and or full colour. Some people prefer to receive drawings that have not been blended whilst others feel that the blending, form and colour are important to them. Images are also available in charcoal, graphite, pencil or watercolour.

Please stipulate if you have a preference or Janette will be inspired to 'go with the flow' of energies without any conscious direction.

Please note that when paying to attend a demonstration it is important to recognise and accept - You have paid to witness a Demonstration of Mediumship or Psychic Art. This demonstration is a form of experiment. No claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed You are not guaranteed a personal message.
You may see or hear things which you may not have experienced before. If any of you feel you may be vulnerable you should leave immediately and your entrance fee will be refunded.
Thank you for your consideration.

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