TESTIMONIAL's are offered here and on the dedicated Testimonial page to help new clients relate to Janette's specialised way of working. 

If you also wish to submit a Testimonial to support her work please feel free to email her.  Your feedback is much appreciated.

 TESTIMONIAL by Ernie Zayat
Janette thank you for being my first experience with spirit art.  In seconds I witness the likeness of father and the essence of my mother materialize on your easel.  The reading and insight that I  received from you was spot on.  I had to hold back my emotions.  After studying the drawing I notice that my  moms initials (LZ) were also  present.   You have expanded my mind to know that spirit can and will communicate in all types of “mediums”.  
TESTIMONIAL by Ingeborg Rehak
"To be in a group with Janette teaching is an extremly worthy experience.  
I have been to many classes and teachers over the years and my standards are high.
For years I wasn´t happy any more with the teachers/classes I found – maybe I wasn´t ready ;)
A friend told me about Janette and her uniqueness and her way of teaching that caught my attention immediately.
Grateful for the information that brought me to the class, I am now integrating and enjoying what I learnt.
Janette´s teachnging is humurous, lively, clear and in a supportive way also challenging.

She knows about energies, vibrations and words like noone else I´ve met.

It is pure pleasure to learn from her and experience the way she decides to make her students understand

which is often more the „inner“ understanding, leaving the mind out.
I had a brilliant week and noticed remarkable changes in my work and my everyday life in „energy management“.

Without having to think about it or conciously do something to acchieve it but just by „being“ different.

Something inside me has changed/healed/understood.
A huge thank you to Janette for being who you are!".. 
Ingeborg Rehak



Turning my fears into treasures, Jan, thank you it has helped much.  

The first thing that strikes me in the workshop is that it takes a moment to attune.  

Then it's the Moment of realisation that I truly am in the right place, time, moment,  

Then the big one, - all that the other teachers and reachers didn't go as far as this in establishing as firm a base within me Energetically,

I have travelled far and wide for this.  She is giggly, syncopated, free and a present moment composer.  

I feel listened to energetically, have the downloads that enhance me and, I find out quickly, my work too.  

As if that's not enough the clear use of power point presentation explains the finer detail of the seeming intangibles of energy.  

She is a fresh and necessary energy in the life of a medium - or budding one! In gratitude - Nina 




Please note that not all Events are listed below. 

You are welcome to request addition to the Emailing 'Invitation Listing' for Events and Publications. 

You aree also welcome to request Janette as a'Facebook Friend' and addition to Janette Events Plus Group     


email info@janettemarshall.com or join Janette Marshall at http://www.facebook.com/

2018 & 2019 UK EVENTS at Downhall Country House Hotel & The Arthur Findlay College   

Downhall Country House Hotel 4 Day Events 

approximately 15 minutes drive from Stansted Airport

SEMINAR : 'Exploring Energy and Transformation'   12th to 15th/16th April 2018
 SEMINAR: 'Exploring Energy and Transformation'  11th to 14th/15th October 2018 
These Seminars organised by 'Intuitive Techniques' are focused to refined attunement for persons seeking Self Mastery within Life or/and Mediumship.
Bookings are made direct with Janette.  Understand the subtle responsibilities of living and working with Energy Development 

These Residential Seminares are intended to offer the focused value of a 7 day event
within a focused 4 day stay. Most people choose to stay the optional Sunday night 
departing Monday morning after breakfast or lunch.
Arrive Thursday to check in around 1pm. Seminar meet & greet at 1.30pm for 2pm start. 
Feel free to arrive early to enjoy the facilities. 
Lunch may be purchased in the restaurant or lights meals and snacks in the lounge, gallery or bar area.
The nurturing history of the hall also lends itself to the energy and atmosphere.
Explore the Transformational and Therapeutic properties of
Practical and Spiritual in a quality environment.
Get into 'shape' for your life goals and ambitions. 
Align conscious with subconscious. 
Recognise the motivation and influence. 
The Seminar is aimed at  Practical, Intuitive,
Mediumistic or creative persons who wish to
experience and understand the transformative power of
Intuitive Techniques for Well Being, Self Awareness,
Interactive & Personal Energy Management. 
Gain insight to the energetic make up of Human Beings
and a greater understanding of the dynamics of Life,
Self, Relationships, Business and Creative Skills. 
Receive structured energetic templates to
design your future and discover greater resilience and focus. 
Valuable keys to feeling confident and comfortable in all areas of one's life.  
  Due to the popularity of the hotel and limited availability please book at your earliest convenience.
An Interim payment of £100 will allow your bedroom to be reserved.  The Event Fee for the 4 day event with 3 night stay is £595
and includes shared Twin/Double En-Suite Accommodation,  All Day Refreshments,  Full English & Continental Breakfast,
Hot & Cold Buffet Lunch, 3 Course Evening Meal, Free Wi-Fi and use of the Hotel Gym & Spa Facilities.  Optional Sunday B&B is £50.
Delegates often opt to stay over and depart Monday morning after breakfast or during the day.  Additional nights may also be booked.
Single Occupancy small double may be available at a supplement of £40 per night   Submit website booking form or email Janette.
Learn Essential Intuitive Techniques  - Transform Life Patterns - Explore the Mediumistic and Intuitive Nature 

Become Mindful, Present and Empowered within your Mediumship, Life, Career and Relationships  For further details contact info@janettemarshall.com


2018 & 2019 Courses at The Arthur Findlay College 
Janette is currently scheduled to Tutor at the following Residential Courses  
Please check up to date prices and book direct with the college +44 (0) 1279 813636 or via their webiste www.arthurfindlay.org 
AFC Course 8a Saturday 17th to Saturday 24th February 2018 'Mastering Energy & Mediumship'  Organised by Janette
Please note if you wish to also work with your Art during this course it is possible where opportunities allow. Please check with your Tutors.
AFC Course 18c Saturday 5th to Tuesday 8th May 2018  'The Arthur Findlay College OPEN WEEK'
An ideal opportunity to explore and experience.  Day Visitor or Residential.  Be great to see you at The Arthur Findlay College 
Masterclasses, Demonstrations and Privvate Sittings with Janette and other qualified Tutor's & Mediums of AFC.  
Please call the college at Stansted to reserve your place  and to purchase tickets for any or all days 0044(0)1279813636
£15 per day add £5 for each Masterclass
AFC Course 23b Saturday 2nd June to Saturday 9th June 2018  'Contemporary Phenomenal Trance' Organised by Helen Da Vita  
AFC Course 40b Saturday 15th September to Saturday 21st September 2018 'Face of Spirit Inspired Art' Organised by Alan Stuttle 
AFC COurse 41a Saturday 22nd to Saturday 29th September 2018 'Mastering Energy, Art & Mediumship' Organised by Janette
Please note this course offers Art Sessions and Art Masterclasses but it is not compulsory for all students to work with the Art   
AFC Course 50b Saturday 24th November & Sunday 25th November 2018  'Open Weekend Master Classes'  
Two One Day Energy Master Classes November 2018 Organised by Janette 
Each Day will be complimentary to the other but will also offer the opportunity to attend either one or both days  
Please note there will also be other Master Classes by other Tutors at the same event if you prefer a different subjkect.
Arrival 9am for 9.30am start Depart 6pm
Note: For Visitors from a distance or Overseas - Residential Overnight stay may also be booked subject to availabity
AFC Course 54b Saturday 15th to Saturday 22nd December 2018 Xmas Week at AFC Organised by Tanya Smith
A great opportunity to experience the college and course work in a focused yet relaxed atmosphere. 
You will also have Xmas festivities and a Traditional Victorian Christmas experience
Log fires and Murder Mystery in a unique building and beautiful gardens. 
2019 Courses at The Arthur Findlay College
AFC Course 7b Saturday 23rd Feb to Saturday 2nd March 2019 2019  'Mastering Energy & Mediumship' Organised by Janette 
Please note if you also wish to work with your Art during this course it is possible where opportunities allow.  Please ask your Tutors
 AFC Course 21b Saturday 1st June to Saturday 8th June 2019 'Portraits inspired by Spirit' Organised by Alan Stuttle
AFC Course 33a Saturday 24th August to Saturday 31st August 2019  'Mastering Energy, Art & Mediumship' Organised by Janette 
Please note this course offers Art Sessions and Art Master Classes but it is not compulsory tfor students o work with Art 
AFC Course 38b Saturday 28th September to 5th October 2019 'Spirit in Art' Organised by Alan Stuttle
Please note: At Events where Janette is the Course Organiser noted above you are welome to email your personal goals to info@janettemarshall.com
AFC Exploring Energy, Energy Management & Mediumship 
Dear Jan, Your course on energy taught me to stay in my centre.  It has been invaluable  
Sitting on another mediumship course this week has really been a test of what I learnt on your course.  
I used to attach to the emotion I felt coming through from the Spirit World and I could never give a message without crying!
 This week I was able to stay in my centre and deliver messages without crying.  A major development in my development.  
Your course on energy is transformational and I thank you for the transformation within me.
 Since doing your course I feel more centred within myself, more in balance and better able to handle my emotions and others.
 I have not only used the techniques myself but have shared with others.  Your course should be on the 'School National Cirriculum'!.  
I just love you !!! and your infectious giggles and smiles.
THANK YOU ... ps You have saved me a fortune in pocket tissues!  Kirsty Formoso, UK
TESTIMONIAL by Chris Fitting US
 Hi Janette.  I wanted to wait for some time before I sent this to you and settle into my adjustments.  
My energy is more gentle now and graceful than before.  
I reflect often on the building blocks you shared with me regarding energy and interactions with others.
I am very interested in how our minds / consciousness can work to transfer and transform energy.  
It seems I have new ideas about the mechanics of how energy and people fold and weave together on this plain.
My mind continues to open and I build new reference points every day.  
I have much more to say and ask here, but I think on some level you already understand and be that as it may I am compelled to say “thank you”,
for not just what you did for me, but for finding the courage and strength in an awkward world to share that which is best for all of us.  
You are a wonderful pioneer of Human Energy Mechanics
I also want to encourage you to continue to unfold your knowledge and share it with qualified others.  
Set the pace for delivery and carefully unpack it like fine China. The table may not be big enough to take it all out at once
and you certainly would not want to do that, but begin to share what you are comfortable with.  
You can set the pace, establish the foundation and continue to guide and help navigate the growth and discovery of new parallel thought patterns.  
Your book will be very important to many people.
I will make it back to AFC again next year.  Meanwhile if you have any speaking engagements or classes planned in 2015 please let me know. 
I will be participating in two public events this coming May and will incorporate Portraits, Mediumship, Energy and Healing into my work.  
I am a teacher.  I can not help but to help others and I’m going for it now.  
Thank you. You made a difference.
Chris Fitting, U.S.
See Dedicated estimonial Page for further Testimonials that offer insight to Janette's work

If you are interested in The SNU Platform Accreditation Scheme or other courses offered by the SNU Education Committee or Training & Awards Committee please visit the website www.snu.org.uk

If you feel you have a mediumistic ability and would like to develop your mediumistic potential visit the Arthur Findlay College Website www.arthurfindlaycollege.org to discover information on courses related to the disciplines and mechanics of mediumship.  The SNU Educational Courses provide a rich history of Spiritualism.

DEMONSTRATIONS - Please note when paying to attend a demonstration of Mediumship or Psychic Art it is important to recognise and accept You have paid to witness a Demonstration of Mediumship or Psychic Art. This demonstration is a form of experiment. No claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed You are not guaranteed a personal message. You may see or hear things which you may not have experienced before. If any of you feel you may be vulnerable you should leave immediately and your entrance fee will be refunded. Thank you for your consideration.



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