One to One Personal Consultations/Readings/Tuition


Janette is available to see clients by appointment  via telephone, using skype or in person, 
at her consulting room in Waltham Abbey and other venues. - www.SKYPE.com - WEBCAM

Her teaching techniques and alchemical approach appeal to a wide spectrum of persons. Actors, artists, business directors,chefs, cleaners, dancers,  engineers, fiancial advisers, hair dressers, healers, mediums, musicians, scientists, singers, sports persons, teachers, technicians, waiters, and other  people. are intrigued by her ability to understand and to work with them for development or enhancement of their craft

CONSULTATIONS - Sessions may be booked subject to personal requirements

30 - 60 - 90 minute sessions are available plus Half Day or Full Day

please e-mail or call for further details

Janette works with clients to enhance and hone their career or life skills, business and personal relationships.

Her clients include actors, musicians, artists, sports persons, accountants, financial advisers and others.

She is also consulted by persons developing or expanding their creative, intuitive and mediumistic abilities.  

Business Managers, Life Coaches, Spiritual Teachers, Mediums and Therapists attend her private sessions.

If you feel you would benefit from individual attention in a focused environment -

please call or email with details of your personal requirements. .


develop or hone mediumship

enhance intutive responses & reflexes

recognise energy management

progress spiritual awareness

explore psychic art or sound and resonance 

examine business mechanics and structure

improve creative and other career or life abilities  

study art, colour, sound, resonance, etc. 

HOME VISITS for Group Workshops or Readings may be arranged. 


PAYMENTS: can be made by CHEQUE to her postal address
PO Box 424. Waltham Cross. EN9 2WF
or by Credit or Debit card via www.paypal.co.uk / www.paypal.com or with paypal funds to PAYPAL ACCOUNT info@janettemarshall.com

Please feel free to discuss your requirements for
Consultations, Readings and Tuition at time of booking.

Phone 07789 435599 for appointments or
e-mail: info@janettemarshall.com

Also available - personal SPIRITUAL DRAWINGS in pastels or Giclee
Image Sizes: Approx.A2 - Approx.A3  Approx.A4 including 20-30 MIN TELEPHONE READING

Please note: PRIVATE READINGS (Evidential)
It is important to understand the following;
A reading is a form of experiment, no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. The medium is not able to tell fortunes but will endeavour to give evidence of survival which may include a glimpse from spirit as to the overall situation of the individual at that particular time. He/She can only give communication received through his/her own spiritual connection. If it becomes clear in the first 10 minutes of the reading that a satisfactory communication has not been established, then either the medium or sitter may terminate the reading and the fee will be refunded. After this point the sitter is deemed to accept that the sitting is satisfactory. The sitter may hear or see things which they have not experienced before, if they feel vulnerable they should leave immediately and the fee will be refunded. The sitter certifies that he/she is not aware of any medical or psychiatric condition which might affect his/her interpretation of the reading and that he/she is voluntarily seeking these services from him/herself and assumes full responsibility for the outcome.
Thank you for your consideration.


If you would like to enhance your intuitive perception or business skills please email us to book a consultation.

Our team offer a range of services to individuals or companies.  Gain an enhanced overview of company structure and personal/group motivation.  Breakfast meetings and Power Point presentations.  

MANY PEOPLE ARE ONLY SCRATCHING THE SURFACE OF THEIR POTENTIAL - Allow one of our team to offer an objective perspective - maximise skills and talents within the workplace.

Please call us or e-mail for further details.

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