Janette Marshall


Comment by Stuart Lyons, London ... 'Dear Jan, I was astounded by the accuracy of the spiritual portrait and the information you gave me regarding my friend Tony. It was such a tragedy to lose him so suddenly, but, as soon as I saw your drawing it was as though I also felt the comfort of his presence. Thank you."


Composite Portraits
Created from a blend
of many faces and energies

Please note that all portraits and drawings are the artists individual interpretation of impressions received.

HEALING ART - All art appears to hold healing properties for those persons who connect with the inspiration that motivates the creators energy and expression.

There are many art forms including photography and it is for each person to discover their own inspiration.

In individual or group sessions Janette teaches people how to connect with the desire to explore their creative abilities and experience the ensuing sense of well-being.

For further information please e-mail
or telephone 07789 435599


Please note that any techniques on this website relating or referring to self-healing or promoting a sense of well-being are not intended to replace any orthodox treatment you may require or be receiving.

SPIRITUAL ART is a technique that Janette teaches and is becoming increasingly popular with her students as they discover their inner artist and the 'magical' properties of working with pastels and other media.

See 'Workshops/Courses' page and email for further details.

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