Janette Marshall

Spiritual Portraits

Please accept the information
given as elements of personal
perceptions and interpretations.

Reference note on Demonstrations.


Photograph of the recipients mother
prior to being placed on the pastel image.

Janette is very aware of the energy and presence of the communicator within the collective energies that appear to be present during a demonstration.
When creating an image she endeavours to key a blend and expression of the vibrational influences on to the paper sharing the reflected feelings with the recipient and congregation.
On the evening of this demonstration she had wished for a photograph that would visually illustrate the existence of the energies she experiences.


Pastel Portrait revealing facial likeness
created during the demonstration.

When she arrived to demonstrate Andre Kirsebom was present from Norway. Andre had already asked the Chairperson if it would be acceptable for him to photograph the drawings after the demonstration.
Alan Stuttle and Janette simultaneously created images and then gave verbal evidence accepted by the recipient as relevant to her
Father and Mother.
She produced photographs of both her parents affirming the facial likeness she had perceived in the drawings.


A photograph of the photograph
following contact with the drawing.

Andre proceeded to photograph the two photographs and the two drawings. When photographing the image of her mother the photograph laid on the drawing for a while.
When it was removed from the pastel image, to photograph alone, the photograph taken appeared to reflect collective energies and what some have interpreted as her parents showing their energy together. Certainly there did appear to be an energetic imprint on the photograph.



During a demonstration of mediumship Janette provided evidential communication from the Medium Mary Duffy that was accepted by Minister Nora Shaw.


The blend of energies experienced during the communication enabled the creation of a pastel image, expressing the love of Spirit and the qualities and strength of her friend and colleague Mary.



The facial energy of Mary was then overlaid with an image that Nora recognised and enjoyed as her much loved living grand daughter Caitlin.
Janette has never met or seen photographs of Caitlin.







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