Janette Marshall

Each one of us is a unique being with our own language of interpretation. Please accept only what resonates as a guideline within your own belief system.

Thoughts for consideration
by Janette Marshall.

Never underestimate the difference you make

Accepting the value of each individual moment provides an overall view that lends structure to and sets parameters for our existence. Each moment is a separate note in the symphony of our life containing far more than we could perhaps ever imagine. Living each moment within that sphere of understanding as if it were the only real and tangible moment of life we begin to release the resonance of that note and the power of our presence NOW!

Giving oneself permission to be and to know that what we may regards as mistakes are truly life experiences with the potential to provide us with wisdom and clarity.

In acceptance of our human imperfections
we are absolutely perfect.. in this moment.. for this moment!

As we touch the soul of another we cannot help but connect with the knowing of that soul imprint within ourselves and high light that of ourselves within them. As we engage the breath of spirit flows between us awakening the purity, unification and enlightenment of the eternal loop.

Accepting the idea of the relationship of the microcosm and macrocosm in a certain level we may realise that there is nothing outside of us that does not have an internal eqivalent or reflection. Each of us is perhaps created from an aspect of everything and everyone. When we discover that person or subject within ourselves we are able to access the qualities that they or it represent.

The more that our methods of internal communication are enhanced generally our relationships and communication with others improve. The need for projection is less and we are better able to process internally rather than externally. We are able to function with our minds as a group consciousness rather than feeling fragmented and disconnected.

Examples of the language of colour and intuition.
I am in the Pink, in the red or in the black.
I am feeling blue. He has a yellow streak.
I felt black and blue all over.
She is a bit green around the ears.
He was red with anger. He was purple with fury.
I cannot 'read' that person.
I am not in my 'right' mind!
It was a love triangle.
My gut instinct is!
What am I invisible!

It is easy to have faith when we are not challenged.

Know.. that we know everything we need to know..
as and when we need to know it.

£5 note in the left hand
£5 value of coins in the right hand
Different and yet balanced
Equal in the physical and yet not equal
£1 coin – 100 wishes – 100 kisses – 100 blessings – 100 percent
2 x £2 coins – A pair – twins – silver and gold – yin and yang
£5 note - The coins are the sum of the note and together equal £10
£10 – 1 and the power of God 0 – Binary System - Infinity

We are pure in our Spiritual being, we are active in our Energetic being and fallible in our Human being.

It is what we know as our human mistakes that allow our Soul experience. We can discover the route to harmony when we accept that somehow everything in life is already perfectly balanced and often the route to one is through the acceptance of its opposite.

Our first union and communion.. and our first marriage.. is that of ourselves with our own spirit.

The first and last moment of every day belongs to self.. A moment may be 30 seconds,.. 10 minutes,.. 30 minutes.. or more. The time span.. is not as essential as the intent.. to centre self.. and to gather our.. moment...-...um....om...

for it is in the mode of acceptance ...
that transformation and truth are revealed.

There is a saying that when you give to another you receive back
10 fold.....
perhaps when allowing another to give to you they receive back
10 fold.....
perhaps in giving to oneself in the spirit of self-nurturing love, the joy that one feels emanates and resonates through the universe.. being shared with one and all.. As it ripples outwardly touching the lives of others.. so it reflects inwardly and one may receive back a million fold.

When we have tried to achieve physical solutions without success it can be useful to take a reflective view seeing everything and everyone as being our personal messaging service. Accepting that on some level our subconscious thoughts and emotions are somehow affecting what we attract to us in our physical lives we are able to begin connecting with aspects of ourselves that need to be heard. Listening to all allows a sense of oneness.

When we wish to reject or destroy something or someone - perhaps somehow we are wishing to eliminate a vibration or sense within ourselves that we cannot relate to or process.
Perhaps the external world is a public demonstration of our internal world of feelings and thoughts.
When we do not feel conflicts within ourselves perhaps there will be no need for war in our world.
When we find the aspects of family within ourselves and we are able to parent our own inner child perhaps children will be safer.
When we do not bully ourselves perhaps there will be less bullies in the world.
Perhaps Self healing brings Universal healing....

Utilising our intuitive nature to set boundaries for one self and others does not limit us as much as it provides us with structure. Structure provides the foundation for freedom!

Perhaps when we realise that we may sometimes project energy with our thoughts and emotions we may begin to understand why our lives are different than we wish them to be. Perhaps we shall understand why some people feel the need to have physical distance from us or us from they.
Taking responsibility for ourselves and discovering how to manage our energetic system allows us to begin to enter a state of reverence with ourselves and others.

TRUE love leads us to knowing ~ knowing leads us to being TRUE

Perhaps our mission here is to embrace ourselves, express ourselves and be ourselves. Perhaps in that being we shall discover a knowing that inspires us and others to accept all aspects of ourselves and our environment as having a symbolic purpose that reveals the 'bigger picture' of ourselves and our world.

There are those of us who wish to change themselves, other people or their environment - and yet it is sometimes not what we do but how that has such varied effects in our lives. Perhaps striving for change in a certain way causes everything to remain as the same as we give power to the root of our dissatisfaction. Giving power to the belief that change is possible in every moment may give power to manifesting our desires with a rapid or immediate effect.

Another saying.. If during your life.. you make a worthwhile difference to one persons life.. then the journey has been worthwhile ... PARTICULARLY IF THAT PERSON IS YOU!

....Thoughts for consideration by
Janette Marshall..

The above comments are reflective of
Practical exercises in Senergetic Awareness
and Techniques that may also be of interest.
Metaphysical Therapies & Intuitive Techniques

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