to Janette Marshall

The following testimonials and comments offer a degree of insight to the versatile nature of her work, and to the infinite potentials of each of us within life and mediumship.

If you wish to share evidence, photographs or testimonials relating to your own experience with Janette please contact info@janettemarshall.com


Hi Janette.  I wanted to wait for some time before I sent this to you and settle into my adjustments.  My energy is more gentle now and graceful than before.  I reflect often on the building blocks you shared with me regarding energy and interactions with others. I am very interested in how our minds / consciousness can work to transfer and transform energy.  It seems I have new ideas about the mechanics of how energy and people fold and weave together on this plain. My mind continues to open and I build new reference points every day.  I have much more to say and ask here, but I think on some level you already understand and be that as it may I am compelled to say “thank you”, for not just what you did for me, but for finding the courage and strength in an awkward world to share that which is best for all of us.  You are a wonderful pioneer of Human Energy Mechanics (the “Johnny Appleseed” of Human Energy)

I also want to encourage you to continue to unfold your knowledge and share it with qualified others.  Set the pace for delivery and carefully unpack it like fine China. The table may not be big enough to take it all out at once and you certainly would not want to do that, but begin to share what you are comfortable with.  You can set the pace, establish the foundation and continue to guide and help navigate the growth and discovery of new parallel thought patterns.  Your book will be very important to many people.

I will make it back to AFC again next year.  Meanwhile if you have any speaking engagements or classes planned in 2015 please let me know. 

I will be participating in two public events this coming May and will incorporate Portraits, Mediumship, Energy and Healing into my work. 

I am a teacher.  I can not help but to help others and I’m going for it now.  

Thank you. You made a difference.  

Chris Fitting, US


 Dear Jan, Your course on energy taught me to stay in my centre.  It has been invaluable, being on another mediumship course this week has really been a test of what I learnt on your course.  I used to attach to the emotion I felt coming through from the Spirit World and I could never give a message without crying! This week I was able to stay in my centre and deliver messages without crying.  A major development in my development. Your course on energy is transformational and I thank you for the transformation within me.  Since doing your courseI feel more centred within myself, more in balance and better able to handle my emotions and others.  I have not only used the techniques myself but have shared with others. Your course should be on the 'School National Ciriculum'!. I just love you!!! and your infectious giggles and smiles. THANK YOU ... Ps You have saved me a fortune in pocket tissues! 

Kirsti Formoso, UK


Hi Janette

Thank you for introducing us to an energetics level of Spirit communication! And to Spirit Art. I learned so much.

I've told several people that your particular vibration was unique and consciousness raising.

I have a friend whose adopted son has shaken baby syndrome and at age 14 can't speak more than a handfull of words. But oh the ability he has to communicate with his emotions. They play like lights in his aura.

Your energy struck me like the language of whales. Profound concepts conveyed with sound necessitating few words. A felt and projected or allowed language rather than a spoken one.

And isn't that the realm where Spirit communicates to us at the most complete level? Beyond Words. Even beyond Symbols. The unbound arena of Feeling.

Some day, in the not too distant future, I will be starting a center for spiritual exploration... and one day beyond that, I will be expanding the center to house an orphanage for special needs children. Your "energetic" teaching techniques have greatly influenced me as to how I want to approach this.

I hope you will understand my sincere appreciation for what you brought to the course. My mediumship is better because of it.

Thank you,



Dear Jan,
I was astounded by the accuracy of the spiritual portrait and the information you gave me regarding my friend Tony.
It was such a tragedy to lose him so suddenly, but, as soon as I saw your drawing it was as though I also felt the comfort of his presence.
Thank you.
Stuart, London
Hi Janette,
I keep forgetting to mention ... when you said I was getting healing at the Spirit Art Course in December.  Well I have had a pretty bad hay allergy for several years now ..... I have a horse so it was bit of an escalating problem as it was getting worse and worse ..... Note Was ..... It has all of a sudden gone!!!!  It was becoming a bit of a nightmare ..... but it has now completely disappeared.  I can now bag hay, even cleaned the hay barn!!!
So thanks very much!!!!
Best Wishes,
Sue, UK
Hi Jan,
This is the art from lasts week SNUi Audio Class.  I'm delighted with these classes and I learned a lot last week.  You are a great teacher and it is great to be able to send it to you.  Looking forward to tonights class.  
lot of love,
Bernie, Ireland
Hi Jan,
Regarding the SNUi Audio Class.

It was a wonderful session and I loved how we attune step by step, using symbols
or colours rather than the normal 'flowing' into it. It allowed me to actually
feel how different the energies were which can only help my mediumship, however
I attune as at least I can identify the stages now.

Loved the use of colours as well: yours in the first workshop where the colours
in mediumship made sense so that is one more area of interest to delve into.
Added to that, my family saw my picture of the guide and were really
impressed:as was I so the drawing skills I had as a child may still be there.
What is really interesting though is that most of it formed while I was
scribbling and doodling without thinking as I listened to the class: so if I
stop telling myself I cant, then that may be a big help.

I would be very grateful if you could send me your sheet on tips for the
spiritual artist. And thank you for opening another door for me in this world.
I love to learn!

All the best
Gale, Ireland xx

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